Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just Peachy, Thanks

Collared Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - Sam Ubhi
Jean - French Connection
Wedges - River Island
Bag - Topshop

So, this is what I wore on our trip to Plymouth. The shoes are really comfortable, the heel is not too high and they're really quite spongy..! What I didn't anticipate however was my thighs feeling as though I had done A SQUILLION squats the next day! My feel felt absolutely fine! I did notice my legs becoming rather weak towards the end of the day, felt as though I may fall over at any point. Then the next day AND today I've barely been able to walk! Shocking! Who needs the gym when you can wear heels 12 hours straight??

I've just noticed as well, my handbag is the WRONG WAY ROUND! Har har.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Things New :)

Yesterday I had a wicked day with the man-stuff. We went to Plymouth (primarily to watch films at the Vue and stuff our faces with Nandos) Here are a few things I managed to buy while we were in Drake Circus!

The skirt is THE ONE I have been searching for....I found it in River Island. Which I did NOT expect! I never really find anything I like in there, its usually all far too adorned with sparkly bits, cheesy corsages or silly messages for my liking but this, is most certainly an exception! Its a midi-skirt, all silky and flowy, can't WAIT to do an outfit post with it :) tee hee! Thanks River Island!! 

I got the T-Shirt from Zara, a favorite shop of mine, its a relatively thick but chiffon like material, really structured and sits nicely on top of jeans or chino's. It has black strips down the arms. I like monochrome, not being someone who is majorly in to bright colours unfortunately! 

I also went knowing I needed make-up and I really wanted to try something different, I have been very loyal to Clinique in this department and i've found nothing wrong with them, I just fancied a change. I have noticed a lot of bloggers raving about Mac makeup so I went for it this time. I can say I'm very pleased, I wore the foundation today and it is really lovely! Its reflects the light beautifully without making me look shiny and stays on well (a little goes a LOOOOONG way too!! Which is good seeing as my nearest Mac counter is nearly 40 miles away!) The mascara is also great (as expected) the brush is MASSIVE and it really make my eye lashes MASSIVE and not clumpy. Happy all round.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you all go and see The Hangover 2 and the new Pirates of the Caribbean (we did a double whammy!)

Outfit posts to come! Night! x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Website Spotlight #1

Heeey! I thought I would try something a bit different and at least ATTEMPT to do something regluar. I thought I would review one or two websites that I come across during the past week/possibly fortnight (work is just TOO busy for me to skive and surf the fashion net at the moment)

I can say with a whoop that Browns Has relaunched! Housing top brands such as:


Sound yummy? I think so too! They have a really clean and easy to use website. Everything is showcased to perfection with a little bit about each designer. They also have a section entitled "focus" this they say "is yet another great shopping experience. Browns Focus is targeted at the sophisticated, cutting edge market".  It certainly is, the prices are a bit *a'hem* pricey? But WELL worth lusting after! 

Couple of my favorite picks  

The skirt is Chole - £1460 (Start saving....)

The Tee is 3.1 Phillip Lim - £300

THESE shoes are Alexander Wang - £600 (as seen on the lovely Andy at Style Scrapbook - very jealous of her, lucky lady!!)

Well I think that's enough virtual money spent for one night. I must try to keep this a regular post. I mean I like nothing than scouring new/old websites for inspiration and bargains (although this website is not the most bargain-arific...they DO have a "sale" section though...) This is a diary of sorts after all!

I should probably sleep now, if I have any hope of getting up in the morning.

G'Night! Mel x

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Evening all :) 

here are some pics of me wearing my new French Connection aztec inspired gillet :) It has fringing all the way down the front and also across the back. Its amazing quality and well worth the monies I spent on it! 

I am ever-so slightly hungover (still) so its a short post from me!

Thanks for reading! I'm off to bed to banish the hangover for good! x

Friday, 13 May 2011

TAKE THAT and stick it where the sun don't shine

Yeah, Its Friday the 13th, I'm NOT superstitious in any way shape or form. But today.....TODAY....i'm selling my beloved Take That tickets :(

They have only been in my possession for a few weeks and have already ended up on ebay --->> HERE

Something else has come up and I cannot attend, I remember how excited I was when I actually bought them but nevermind, someone else can be all excited now, and I'm sure whoever wins them will have an AMAZING night. Whatever. I'm not bitter.

Another time boys.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Chanel Cruise

I swear. If this isn't the most exquisite collection I have ever seen, I'll eat my hat (my cheap accessorize hat)

Karl Lagerfeld, 2 days before the Cannes Film Festival unleashed the glamour at the French Riviera. The show was outside on deck-chairs and under umbrellas, the guests (including Alexa Chung, Vanessa Paradis, Blake Lively and Clemence Poesy) were treated to a performance from Bryan Ferry and a 30 minute film by Karl Lagerfeld himself called "The Tale of a Fairy" See below :)

"This is a modern version of sophisticated dressing" 
"Cruise is always about going away"

Well thank you Mr Lagerfeld. You and your Chanel posse have once again wowed and surpassed expectations with unique yet recognizable wonders on an all original catwalk setting. Personally I can't see any of these creations in MY holiday suitcase but invite me next time though, yeah?

Au revoir! x

Friday, 6 May 2011


Pics taken from Google Images

Without a doubt, my most coveted SS11 trend :) SO beautiful. Kate bloody Bosworth is SO beautiful.

Must have me a maxi skirt, some lita's and Kate Bosworths face/figure. 

I can wait till payday for the skirt and the Lita's. The face/figure part?......not happening. x

Monday, 2 May 2011


Pics taken from Google Images

Coming from Cornwall, places like Bristol (pics above) are pretty other worldly. A place where there is so much to do, you can't possibly be bored, doctors surgeries that look like cathedrals, (I did notice one, pretty impressive) Krispy Kreme, home to Banksy and skins, underground nightclubs full of tunnels, fabulous places to eat and of course....shopping to die for :)

I went up with Pedley this weekend to stay with my friend Holly and her Boyfriend Will. We most definitely had the best time ever and they were very good hosts that put up with my relentless need to shop! I will post some pics of my buys at some point :)

I am not entirely sure if there are any decent pics of us, as photos were mostly taken whilst under the influence and are NOT flattering!

Anyone who lives in the countryside and nowhere near decent shopping and city life should take the trip. You should take the trip even if you ARE a seasoned city-goer, its just a beautiful, different corner of the world to visit. Thoroughly impressed, me!

I have Bristol Blues :( x