Monday, 2 May 2011


Pics taken from Google Images

Coming from Cornwall, places like Bristol (pics above) are pretty other worldly. A place where there is so much to do, you can't possibly be bored, doctors surgeries that look like cathedrals, (I did notice one, pretty impressive) Krispy Kreme, home to Banksy and skins, underground nightclubs full of tunnels, fabulous places to eat and of to die for :)

I went up with Pedley this weekend to stay with my friend Holly and her Boyfriend Will. We most definitely had the best time ever and they were very good hosts that put up with my relentless need to shop! I will post some pics of my buys at some point :)

I am not entirely sure if there are any decent pics of us, as photos were mostly taken whilst under the influence and are NOT flattering!

Anyone who lives in the countryside and nowhere near decent shopping and city life should take the trip. You should take the trip even if you ARE a seasoned city-goer, its just a beautiful, different corner of the world to visit. Thoroughly impressed, me!

I have Bristol Blues :( x

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