Sunday, 24 April 2011

My Cornwall

It was Pedley's birthday this weekend, he had a moustache party with another friend whose birthday it was also. I might post one or two pics when I find the time!

The day after, hangover abolished by PLENTY of carbs, me and Pedley went to Sams on the Beach for a meal. Which by the way was usual. Especially so as I had got word from one of the waiters that we knew, that Danni Minogue would be coming in for a meal and would sat on the next table to us! Imagine my excitement! (having never seen a real-life celeb before living in deepest darkest Cornwall)

It appeared that she was late and the restaurant had to give her a call only to find out that they were not booked in that night at all! Sams had got it all terribly wrong and I was rather gutted!! Nevermind....

Me and Ped had lovely food and lovely bubbly followed by lovely desert, the homemade waffles were to die for!


(We had picked at this a bit before I took a photo so it doesn't look quite as perfect as it did!) dress was a serious bargain, from Debenhams. It cost me £22.50 down from £75 and I HAD TO HAVE IT :) I wore it with my Lancaster watch and (doing my bit for charity) my Fashion Targets Breast Cancer wristband, read about their wonderful work here. :)

I hope everyone has had a crackin' Easter (o dear) and that you are having wonderful weather, relish the time off, back to work Tuesday for a 3 day week! (Thank you Kate and Wills!!) Woop Woop!


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  1. beautiful dress and nice pics at the beach! :))
    xoxo from athens, greece