Sunday, 3 April 2011

Best of "New In"


These are some (must stress the some here) of my fave pieces, fresh from the wondrous Toppers looms!

The shorts especially, they are painfully pretty, bright colours, scalloping, I would wear them (in warmer weather) with a plain vest top lots of jewelery and some wedges. 

Next on my wishlist is THAT BAG. I'm a bit slow it appears and I still haven't picked myself up a nice fringed bag, this is the one, its leather, its laser cut and only £65! BOOM!

I chose these bangles because they are simple, they would go with anything and I like simple!

Colour-pop jeans, nuff said. These are cropped so you can show off your new boat shoes!

LBD. One can never own too many. This one is asymmetric and fits in all the right places, dress up with shoe boots and a statement blazer or dress down with flat boots and a belted cardigan.
Finally the quilted sleeveless jacket. I just really like this, it reminds me of chilly walks and equestrian styling. Perfect transitional piece while it still IS a bit....chilly.

Hope I have put my frazzled late night brain to good use here and that this actually make sense!

Night x

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